Thursday, 25 June 2015

Military Rehab

BaSS recently had the honour of being asked to run a short course for the Royal Engineers at Gibraltar Barracks as part of their rehabilitation of injured soldiers programme.

Our course was designed to encompass four basic bushcraft and survival skill sets,

1. Cutting tools
2. Fire
3. Shelter
4. Food

And was run by two of our own Ex-military instructors supported by two NCO's from the Royal Engineers.

17 young soldiers attended the course and, from feed back we have received, thoroughly enjoyed it saying, amongst other things that they thought it was good for moral, good for team building and pushed their comfort zones. They listed the event as a good learning experience.

Our team were proud to work with these guys and as an opening post to this new blog we could not be more pleased with it.

More information about BaSS and the courses we run will be available soon - in the mean time please contact us at :-

Thank you.


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  2. Looking good Gary wish you all the best

  3. Back to the old school. Nice work . looking forward to the new posts.